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Big D Little Birds History

September 1972

How we got started!

Members of the North Texas Classic Thunderbird Club (NTCTC), who lived in the Dallas area came together to start their own Charter. To name a few Fred Goulden, Mike Greer, Don Hyde (Fordcraft), and Walt Nuckels decided at the Classic Thunderbird Club International (CTCI) Palm Springs 1972 that the time had come to organize a Dallas Thunderbird group.

14 September 1972

First official meeting.

The first official meeting was held on September 14th, 1972, with 16 car owners attendeding.

February 1973

CTCI's approval.

In February, 1973, notification of CTCI's approval for Big "D" Little Birds charter was received by 32 members,

June 1973                         

Big D Little Birds Recognition

June, 1973 saw the acceptance of the charter Chapter No. 46 of CTCI. known as the Big "D" Little Birds to members at the St. Louis, Missouri Regional Convention by nine of our charter members. Since that beginning, the club has grown to more than over 100 family memberships and still growing.

Officers 2017


Charlie Difiglia


1st Vice President
Mike Bracey


Mike McQuade


2nd Vice President
Pat Pisano


Les Gray

Newsletter Editor | Karen Dendy

"Gold Medallion" award was received from the CTCI in 2017. With your membership your will receive all the latest information for Big D Little Birds happenings. Start your application.

CTCI Advisory Representative

CTCI has approximately 5,000 members and 88 chapters in the United States, 3 chaptersin Canada and 1 chapter in Sweden.  

Join us.

Southern Recipes Grill

Every Saturday at 8:30 a.m. for breakfast

Located at the Southern edge of Collin Creek Mall
621 W Plano Pkwy | Plano, TX

The grill's phone #'s: 972-312-9800 or 972-231-7891

Have questions?

Drop us an email and we'll get you an answer.


No. We welcome anyone that has an interest in T-Birds to join.

Yes. There's a small membership fee of $25 annually.

No. Membership is not limited to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

The process is simple:

1. Download the application

2. Mail the completed form with payment to:

Charlie Difigila, Treasurer, 7711 Windomere Drive, Wylie, TX 75098 or bring your completed application and join us for breakfast at Southern Recipe's Grill on Saturday Mornings.

3. Expect an acceptance email in 10 days or less. 

© Copyright 2017 Big "D" Little Birds - All Rights Reserved