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Tech Articles

  • 6V to 12V Conversion - Walt Nuckels leads you step by step converting your 1955 Thunderbird from factory 6 volt to 12 volt. Tech Article.
  • Rear Main Seal - Walt Nuckles leads you to convert a Parts House seal to fit and work on all Y-Block engines. Tech Article.
  • Valve Lash -Walt Nuckels simplifies adjustment of valves. Tech Article.
  • Tips on Buying a Thunderbird - Scott McGilvray tells you what to look for and how to look at a Thunderbird you are considering for purchase, Tech Article.
  • Part Numbering - This article explains how to tell where the part fits on a car. It is all in Ford Motor Companys' master plan. Tech Article.
  • Changing to an Edelbrock Carb - Scott McGilvray and Tim Chaput lead you on a step by step procedure to change your Holley Carb to a modern Edelbrock Carb on 1957 Thunderbird. Tech Article.
  • PVC Smog Device - Scott McGilvray and Tim Chaput show how to change the smoking road draft tube to and after market PVC Smog Device. Tech Article.
  • Spark (Vaccum) Advance - Scott McGilvray and Tim Chaput show you how to check your vaccum advance to be sure it is working properly and repairs. Tech Article.
  • Heater Control Face Plate - Scott McGilvray show you how to remove the heater control assembly from the backside of the dash without disconnection the cables. Tech Article.
  • Headlight Adjustment - Scott McGilvray show you a quick and easy way to correctly align your headlights. Tech Article.
  • Setting Valves - Scott McGilvray takes you step by step, how to set valves. Tech Article.
  • Setting Valves, Part 2 - Scott McGilvray demonstrates a helping aid to this task. Tech Article.
  • Thermostat Replacement - Scott McGilvray show a quick and easy way to perform this task. Tech Article.
  • Thermostat Replacement, Part 2 - Scott McGilvray updates his earlier article. Tech Article.
  • Hood Opening Troubles - Scott McGilvray points out several potential trouble spots. Tech Acticle.
  • Trunk Hinges- Scott  McGilvray dives into trunk hinge troubles and their repair. Tech Article.
  • Oil Flow- Tim Chaput explains how to increase oil flow through the filter. Tech Article.
  • Eliminate Dim Dash Lights- Bill Long's article from the Early Bird, Sept/Oct 2014 issue. Tech Article.
  • Heater Core Replacement- Jo Huttenhow replaces the heater core from the engine compartment. Tech Article.
  • Turn Signal Trouble- Scott McGilvray walks you through one trouble spot with the turn signal switch. Tech Article.
  • Glove Box Door Trim- Scott McGilvray shows you how to eliminate the dent in the trim. Tech Article.
  • Cooling System Info- Scott McGilvray describes the difference in radiator caps. Tech Article.

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